Francesca, The Ring Leader

By Majdanski

Francesca has been around for at least a decade or two. Someone exposed her to everyone at my last birthday party, so she is no secret anymore. She was always my alibi or the name to my shenanigans, so people caught on.

Francesca is a badass bitch, to put it bluntly. She takes no shit from anyone. She is wise, witty, and can play any game.

She is adventurous and daring; well-traveled. She is independent, educated, resourceful, and can hold a conversation about anything with anyone.

I created her for me, and I strive to be like her. Over time…

A Dream Man

By Sotnikov Misha

I met Jack at a gala in Dubai. I was there with someone else, but our eyes locked, and he didn’t let go. He sat and observed me for a while, and when my drink was finished, he found the right opportunity to bring me exactly what I like. He impressed me with his sexy looks and high-class demeanor.

He was like a dream.

We had little time to talk, but he gave me his business card to contact for lunch. I didn't know the lunch involved a plane to Venice, but that’s Jack. It was memorable…

I saved the best for last

By AS Inc

I always said I didn't become a complete woman until I got divorced. Not only was I free to do what I wanted (for better or for worse), but I learned so much about life and love. It was only over time, deep healing, and finding my true self that the magic started to happen. It was when I owned, loved, and cherished who I was that I became truly attractive.

With that in mind, here are some fun ways to meet men outside swiping.

Your Creativity

I have this secret fantasy, one day ‘the one’ will read all my work on…

A Rant

By Daniel_Dash

Georgia, Minerva, and I literally came from hell.

We struggled, we hustled, we cut people off, we fucking meditated, and eventually, we made it to Paradise. So no man will come to Paradise and act any way he wants, because as many have figured out already, you will be asked to leave with a nice and firm “get the fuck out”!

It’s bad enough they come in here eyeballing the estate and us as a package. They start dreaming about where they are going to park their toys and build a man cave. Meanwhile, they haven’t even figured…

Welcome to Paradise

By Hrecheniuk Oleksii

We were worried Francesca was going to have a hard time adjusting to the country. We thought she was going to kick and scream for the city and her old, loud, superficial lifestyle. We thought she wouldn’t find any men to torture.

Hell, we thought I would be scared and lonely; so many worries of the unknown since the last confession, but things couldn’t be better.

Paradise is everything we wished for.

Out here, the most devastating thing that happens is roadkill. …

Georgia Dimitrious

Poet, writer, country living the simple life with my dog, my JEEP and my alter egos. Marine Vet. Welcome to Paradise Tw: GeorgiaDimitr17 IG:georgiadimitrious

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