A Rant

By Daniel_Dash

Georgia, Minerva, and I literally came from hell.

We struggled, we hustled, we cut people off, we fucking meditated, and eventually, we made it to Paradise. …

A Rant

By sakkmesterke

We love men, I certainly do, but it’s hard to deal with the pickings. After dating for years and years, the tolerance level to the below behaviors got slimmer and slimmer. I am sure they are still “nice guys” but not for us, and here is why.

The Animal Man


By Joe Seer

Megan Fox is being criticized for leaving her husband and children but she doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks. She is living the best life ever and one of the rare women who decide to do so in this society with absolutely no shame.

I wrote about it because…

A Dream Man

By Sotnikov Misha

I met Jack at a gala in Dubai. I was there with someone else, but our eyes locked, and he didn’t let go. He sat and observed me for a while, and when my drink was finished, he found the right opportunity to bring me exactly what…

By AS Inc

I always said I didn't become a complete woman until I got divorced. Not only was I free to do what I wanted (for better or for worse), but I learned so much about life and love. It was only over time, deep healing, and finding my true self that…

Naturalist, Minimalist, Nudist, Poet, Writer - Country living the simple life with my dog, my Jeep and my alter egos. Marine Vet. Welcome to Paradise.

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